Register / SignUp a New Account

To signup for a new account, go to and complete the signup steps below.

1.  Click on SignUp to start.

New Patient.PNG

2.  Enter Customer Information.

- Enter customer name, email, password and all required fields marked with an *. 

Customer Registration.PNG

- Click on Sign Up to save customer information

Note: Sign Up button will become active, once all customer information is entered.


3.  Complete Customer Registration 

-Click on Profile picture to open customer profile menu tab.

profile 3.png

Note: Complete general information by Entering all required fields marked with *.

- Click on Update Profile  button to save profile information.

Update profile.PNG

4. Add an Office to your Account Profile

- Click on OFFICES tab to open customer office menu page

Office tab 2.PNG
New Office.PNG

- Click on Create an Office link text or New Office button to open office menu tab

Office tab 3.png

- Enter office name, email, address, phone number and select shipping address option if same as billing. 

Note:  Please complete or required fields marked with (*)

Note: Please complete or required fields marked with (*)

Create office tab.PNG

- Click on CREATE OFFICE  button to save office information.


Adding Multiple Offices

New Office.PNG

Note: You can add multiple office locations by clicking on the New Office button and follow the same steps above for each office created.

5.  Adding Members to your Account

add member.PNG

- Click on Add Member  button to open new member menu.


- Enter new member email address and select role from drop down menu

add member 2.PNG

- Click on YES  button to send an invitation to new member to join.


Note: New member will received an email invite to create password and gain acess to the account.

Once your new account is active you can start submitting cases to Arcad.

Go to to learn how to start a new case.