Predictable Results


ArcadLab (Digital Indirect Bonding System) is a computer-guided system that integrates the patient's digital or physical impression and shows the orthodontist the prescribed position of the patient's teeth at end-of-treatment before treatment even begins. 

With the use of the Arcad VSi (Virtual Setup Interface) the user can modify the end-of-treatment results in the virtual model by moving one or more teeth.

Advantages of Arcad Digital Indirect Bonding 

Communication:   On-screen visualization of the projected results, aids in patient acceptance and treatment planning;

Practice Marketing:  Integration of the Arcad IDB presents a contemporary, high-tech image for the practice; and

Speed:  Using an innovative tray delivery system enables rapid placement of brackets. In addition patients will enjoy reduced treatment time, fewer office visits, and a comfortable bracket placement experience.

Arcad Aligner System

Is an alternative solution for cases requiring moderate tooth movement. This option, as well as being ideal for showing off an aesthetic smile, replaces the use of traditional orthodontic treatments proposals.

Arcad VSi Aligner Module

Arcad will plan the initial gradual movements of the teeth to achieve an aligned and healthy smile. 

Treatment plan design as recommended by the orthodontist and with it, the ability for the orthodontist to make small modifications to the digital setup, using the Arcad VSi software. Keeping you in control of the outcome.


Clear Aligner Fabrication

Multiple aligner manufacturing options. Arcad can ship the 3D printed models to fabricate in office. Or simply print and Fabrication out of ArcadLab. 

Precise, affordable orthodontic aligners. Per arch fee (upper and lower )

Accuracy + Utility

ArcadLab provides highly accurate models that are superior to traditional stone models and deliver the significant advantages of digital technology. With ArcadLab Study Models, dental professionals can effortlessly calculate, store, retrieve, and communicate cases digitally. All at an affordable cost with minimal up-front investment.

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Advantages of Arcad Digital study Model 

Diagnostics: Digital calipers are used to quickly calculate and create diagnostic analysis;

Storage: Information is stored electronically, eliminating the need for physical storage, freeing up valuable office space;

Retrieval: Patient files are instantly accessible through our secured online cloud-based storage system;

Communication: 3D data can be printed, faxed, or emailed effortlessly between dental professionals.

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"Products that meet all our office needs and expectations of a quality enhancement to our treatment efficiency"

— Dr. Michael Mayhew

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"Could not be more pleased with their products, customer service and attention to detail"

— Dr. David Feldman

"With Arcadlab Indirect Bonding, I am able to treat my patients more efficiently." by reducing the need to reposition brackets"

— Dr. Geoffrey Hall