Integrating ArcadLab Indirect Bonding

 Integrating ARCAD into your practice is easy. We have developed a plan to ensure that your experience with ARCAD starts with a smooth process.

Phase I

Introduction to ARCAD

  • Workflow guidelines
  • Software – working with Arcad VSi (Virtual Setup Interface)
  • Hardware requirements
  • Service fees

Objective: Setting expectations

Phase II


  • Account registration and appliance information collection
  • Schedule software training dates
  • Pre-training review
  • Collection of your end-of-treatment preferences
  • Receive ARCAD starter kit (PVS Impression Customers)

Objective: Getting ready for training

Phase III

Software training

  • Introduction to Customer and Technical Support
  • Telephone software training
  • Telephone user interface ARCAD case manager training
  • 3D Viewer Interface Training

Objective: Training and follow-up

Phase IV

Sending your first case to ARCAD

  • Digital file transfer or shipping PVS impressions
  • Send desired appliances to be used on cases
  • Case review and approval with our on-site clinical team
  • Receive Indirect Bonding trays
  • Follow up calls on treatment progress

Objective: Ready to experience the benefits of ARCAD.


Business Strategy Gear to Success as Our Concept

Combining Technology + Innovation


We’re ARCADLAB LLC., established and operating in New Jersey, USA. ARCADLAB has over 15 years’ experience providing high-quality 3D orthodontic treatment solutions, using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology for today's busy orthodontist. Our team is made up of proven professionals who go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience.

Spending time understanding our customers' needs is of utmost importance to us. At ARCADLAB we have a passion for creating 3D orthodontic treatment solutions using a high level of clinical and technical experience to find the best result. As a company we are focused on providing our business and customers with products that deliver powerful results. We stand behind our products 100%; we are accountable, conscientious, and pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service in the business.



Looking for an answer? Let us help you!

What type of impressions are accepted by ArcadLab?

+ We accept Digital Impressions from any compatible intraoral, plaster or impression scanner (open system) .STL format. This file type is used for scanning applications in the dental and orthodontic industry. See list of current scanner type being used by our customers. 

Intra-Oral: iTero® from Cadent/Align, Trios® from 3Shape, Lythos from Ormco         

Desktop: R 600/650/700/800 from 3Shape

+ Traditional physical impressions are also accepted as follows:

Indirect Bonding Service - PVS impressions only.

Digital Study Models Service - Any 100-hour impression materials such as Algimax, Kromopan and Silginate.

What type of bracket prescriptions are accepted by ArcadLab?

+ Currently we count with an extensive digital bracket and tube library, so most likely we will have your preferred prescription on file, and in case we do not, simply send

 us a set for us to scan and we will make it available in our software within weeks. Confirming bracket availability will be covered during our practice integration plan.

How do I get ArcadLab my brackets for cases to be submitted?

+ Bracket Inventory Management by ArcadLab - Send us your bracket inventory and we manage it for you. We have developed a bracket inventory system in our end-user

portal  interface (ArcadLab Case Manager) and integrated with the on-line prescription, so that you  can view bracket inventory levels as you are selecting your bracket 

prescription  template from the appliance dropdown menu. In addition,  we have created a field on the menu bar so that you can review, print current inventory reports, 

and detail patient specific bracket usage. 

+ You can also send us your brackets in patient specific kits, as you submit your cases. If you choose to send your brackets on a single patient kit basis, we recommend

you send  us a small amount (5 kits minimum) to be kept as an emergency inventory in order to avoid  possible delays due to bracket vendor back orders.

How do I submit my first case?

+ We must first create a customer account. See Get Started to register for a new customer account. We will provide you with a username to allow you access to end-user

portal interface, followed  by a series of remote online training sessions on how to complete the case registration process and others, as outlined in our  integration 

plan. See the How it Works? section of our home web page for additional details, as well as our Practice Integration page.

How do I review, revise, or approve the 3D bracket placement setups?

+ Once our clinical technicians have created the end-of-treatment bracket placement setup, our system will automatically generate  an email notification to advise you

that your case is now ready for doctor review process. To review, log in to our end-user portal  interface, select the patient from your pending status queue, and open

 with  viewer/Arcad  VSi (Virtual Setup Interface). which allows the  user to modify the end of treatment results in the virtual model by moving one or more teeth, as well as

adjust bracket position. You can approve for tray fabrication or communicate your revision request from within the Arcad VSi, and we will make the modifications 

on our end. A revised bracket placement setup will be available for doctor review within 1 business day.

What are ArcadLab's turn-around times? 

+ Digital Indirect Bonding with digital impressions from 3D scanners - Turnaround times are broken down into two parts.

1. Digital end-of-treatment bracket placement setup is available within 3-4 business days from the date the case is first submitted. 

2. Once approved by the doctor for IDB tray fabrication, the trays are delivered to your office via express carrier within 3 business days from the date of doctor approval.

+ Digital Indirect Bonding withTraditional-Physical PVS impressions - Turnaround times are broken down into two parts.

1. Digital end-of-treatment bracket placement setup is available within 4-5 business days from the date the case is first submitted. 

2. Once approved by the doctor for IDB tray fabrication, the trays are delivered to your office via express carrier within 3 business days from the date of doctor approval.

Total turnaround time from order submission to IDB tray delivery is 9-10 business days. 

Note: The turnaround time commitment is fully dependent on doctor review process taking place within 1-2 days from case arriving at Dr. Review queue.

Digital Study Models - Turnaround time is 5 business days from impression arrival to ArcadLab Center.  

+ 3D Model Printing - Turnaround time is 5 business days from order submission date. 

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"Products that meet all our office needs and expectations of a quality enhancement to our treatment efficiency"

— Dr. Michael Mayhew

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"Could not be more pleased with their products, customer service and attention to detail"

— Dr. David Feldman

"With Arcadlab Indirect Bonding, I am able to treat my patients more efficiently." by reducing the need to reposition brackets"

— Dr. Geoffrey Hall